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Andrew Greenville, Chief Research Officer,  Maru/Matchbox

Future Feedback: The Necessity of Rethinking How We Ask Questions

Andrew Grenville

At its heart, market research is all about communication. We ask questions and collect answers. But do the people we get answers from represent reality? Does the way we collect information reflect the way people communicate today? And what about tomorrow? Survey research has shifted from face-to-face to telephone to online to online and mobile-friendly. Each time, the types of questions we could ask had to shift a little too. But we are on the cusp of a change that dwarf those transitions. Consider, for example, what will happen when Alexa becomes some people’s main way of interacting with computers. Complex grid questions? Impossible. Long scales? Awkward at best. Rank ordering? Forget it. The future or research must be device-agnostic. That means simpler measures, like yes/no, I’d buy it/not, I like it/not.

10:00 AM

Cay Lodine, Senior Manager, User Experience Research, Wayfair.com

Users: Partners in Research

Creating meaningful tools and products for users begins by truly understanding the user need. While it is tempting to use ourselves as exemplars for our users, it is important to acknowledge that even though we may perform similar tasks or have similar needs, we are not our users. Involving users, who are neutral to business goals, throughout the design and development process helps teams to focus on the right problems and to develop meaningful solutions. In this session, we will discuss qualitative methods for engaging users from the earliest stages of the product and how these engagements can help to drive product success.

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Sandy McCray, Insights Curator, Intengo

Everybody Lies – How to Find the Truth in Your Concept Testing and Innovation

In his book Everybody Lies, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz offers solid evidence of social desirability bias – a problem for all types of market research. This session will highlight some of his more humorous and provocative findings, and then demonstrate how recruiting crowd participants and using social prediction and gameful design in research can address your need for better, faster and more cost-efficient insights.

11:30 AM

Kristyn Corrigan, Principal, Applied Marketing Science

Machine Learning: When Primary Research Becomes Secondary

Learn how machine learning can help uncover customer insights faster and cheaper, from existing customer-generated online content. AMS, in collaboration with researchers at MIT, has developed a new way to surface new and rich insights, including “pearls” that traditional research might overlook. See how this new method compiles exhaustive lists of customer needs and ideas from reviews, discussion boards, user forums and customer verbatims—at half the effort and expense of other techniques. This session will demonstrate the benefits of this approach, including a case example to bring the method to life.

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01:00 PM

Panel Discussion – Intention: Using Your Career to Make an Impact 

Moderator: Jacqueline Rousseau-Anderson, WIRE Boston Lead; Panelists: Caroline Krantz-Sr Director, Recruitment and Special Projects at Big Brothers, Big Sisters; Cathy Harrison- Director, Client Services, in4mation insights; Erica Seidel- Executive Recruiter, The Connective Good; Jeff Greenfield-COO and Co-founder, C3 Metrics

The evolving research world offers a wide variety of opportunities for career change and advancement.  Join our panel of industry pros spanning a variety of roles and career paths for a passionate, career-focused discussion including: how you can create an intentional career path in an evolving industry, what does making an impact really mean, and what are the most critical skills and traits needed to create an impact as an employee.

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2:15 PM

Bob Silagi, Senior Manager, Innovation Insights, Bose Corporation

How – and Why – to Build a Consumer-centric Culture

This presentation will address the benefits of building a consumer-centric culture, the common barriers to doing so, and then provide recommendations on how to overcome these barriers and get an organization to become more consumer-centric.

2:50 PM

Lisa Wilding-Brown, Chief Research Officer, Innovate MR; Stuart L Pardau, Founder/Partner, Pardau & Associates

Are We on a Data Diet? A Review of US State Consumer Privacy Legislation and How It Is Impacting Our Appetite for Insights

We will review the ever-changing consumer privacy landscape and its impact on the market research industry. While centered on companies engaging with EU citizens, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) had a truly global impact in 2018 and beyond. As an industry, we can fully expect to feel an enduring impact from the largest regulatory movement in consumer privacy to date. While many businesses were required to make sweeping changes to their notification and data storage procedures, it is abundantly clear that we are only scratching the surface on consumer privacy here in the US. Since then, US states such as Vermont and California have passed into law new regulations around consumer protectionism that will require companies to make further changes to their data management operations and consent procedures. This session will cover the latest trends in consumer privacy and review the requirements for state-side regulatory readiness as it relates to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

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