2020 Spring Conference – A Call for Speakers

Spring Conference May 12th, 2020
Call for Speakers

David Varner david.varner@incrowdnow.com

Speaker Manager, Insights Association, New England Chapter

The Insights Association, New England Chapter is accepting Speaker Proposals from the research community for our Annual Conference in May 2020.

We have an exciting new location in the Seaport District of Boston, a bustling hub of innovation!


Theme:  INNOVATION! Our goal for the conference is to have speakers who demonstrate how embracing innovation has made an impact on their organization, their clients, the industry, their career, etc.   We are also looking for those who have innovative ideas that, although in the incubator stage, have great potential to revolutionize our industry.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines “Innovation” as the introduction of something new; a new idea, method, or device.  Innovation, for its part, can refer to something new or to a change made to an existing product, idea, or field.  In the Insights profession, innovation is one of several buzz words.  We are looking for industry leaders who will share how they have innovated market research, or how they have used market research to guide and shape brand innovation.   Likewise, we are looking for industry leaders who are risk takers and are pushing the envelope in introducing innovations that may change our industry and brand innovation in the near, mid-term and distant future. 


What innovations are you leading with and adopting to push our industry forward?  Past conference attendees have mentioned interest in learning more about innovations in AI, machine learning, and automation as well as innovative methodologies in conducting research, reporting, presentations, and techniques in forecasting.  There is also interest in learning about new technologies and tools for doing the important work we do.  Are there innovations in sampling or in legal, compliance related matters that you would like to share?  What about self-service, DIY innovations?  Are you an innovator?  Do you find yourself bringing new ideas to old problems?  We invite speakers to let us know how they are leading our industry through innovation.

Conference date & location

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 at District Hall. Location information can be found at: https://districthallboston.org/ Click here for a virtual tour: https://districthallboston.org/host-an-event/

Speaker Proposals due:

We invite you to submit your proposal by Friday, February 7th, 2020

Submissions & Questions:

Please review SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS below. To submit a Speaker Proposal or a question/comment, please email our Speaker Manager David Varner: david.varner@incrowdnow.com.

What form can sessions take?

Workshop, presentation, panel, case study, debate, discussion, immersion experience, competition or game, demonstration.  We encourage you to propose a format that promotes interaction, sharing or a hands-on experience.  The goal is to offer something engaging and active.


Send your submission to David Varner, david.varner@incrowdnow.com, by February 7th.

Please include the following items:


-Title of session-Type of session (refer to formats above)


-Session description (about 60 words)


-What attendees can expect to learn in three bullet points:

    • Why this topic?
    • Why now?
    • Why for this audience?


-Length of session (can range from 30 to 60 minutes)


-What makes you particularly qualified to present this topic?


-Acknowledgement that your session will not be a sales pitch, marketing presentation or endorsement of any specific product or service.


-Your name, professional title, organization/company affiliation, email address, phone contact, and bio (approximately 70 to 80 words in length; you may include your current role, area of work/interest/specialization, career highlights/accomplishments, and education)


-Speaker headshot/image (high quality 300 dpi)-IANE would like to distribute pdfs of the presentation after the conference. If you cannot permit distribution, please note this in your proposal.

Submissions are due by Friday, February 7th.  Notification of selection will be made by Friday, February 28th.


Conference attendee fees for speakers will be waived, and technical support on site will be provided.  Any special equipment or materials must be requested in advance.

The final session line-up will ideally include a combination of sessions with immediate practical value, topics that will question assumptions and broaden our thinking, and presentations that demonstrate the use of innovative tools/methodologies.

Special consideration will be made to sessions that share client-side examples and outcomes and bring clients to present case studies.

The Organization:

The Insights Association, New England Chapter offers educational and networking events with practical applications that address pressing challenges and expand our thinking as a profession.  Our conferences have been called a “must-attend” event for New England market researchers.  These conferences often sell out, with close to 180 New England research practitioners in attendance!

Who will be attending?

New England-based companies, educators, market researchers and insights professionals from a range of industries (including Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, IT, Professional Services, Publishing, Retail).

    • Your information will never be shared or sold.
    • NEMRA would like at least one phone number: work, cell or home. We won't call without good reason.
    • Work or home, whichever you prefer. NEMRA uses this to plan regional events.