To become an official member of the Insights Association, New England Chapter, join the national Insights Association and specify that you are in the New England Chapter. Full members get some benefits over non-members.


For more information about becoming of member of the Insights Association, visit:


Has your employment been impacted by COVID? Insights Association Unemployed Memberships will be offered at no charge to anyone that is currently unemployed and seeking employment within the market research/data analytics/insights industry and resides in either the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom (this includes anyone laid off by a current IA Company member). IA reserves the right to periodically confirm unemployed status to retain complimentary membership. Visit the IA membership page to find out more.


Students! The Insights Association is offering a FREE opportunity: a 1-year student membership in the Insights Association, New England Chapter. Take advantage of this chance to broaden your professional network and possibly shorten your job search time. You will have access to the membership and receive information about networking and professional events in which you may participate.


Click on the link to find out more:

    • Your information will never be shared or sold.
    • NEMRA would like at least one phone number: work, cell or home. We won't call without good reason.
    • Work or home, whichever you prefer. NEMRA uses this to plan regional events.