Presentations from Fall Conference 2018

Fall Conference 2018

Driving Innovation Through Shared Experience:
Living a Day in the Life of a Financially Underserved Individual

Living a day in the life of another and experiencing their challenges as your own is a true lever for inspiring and creating change. In this session, learn how professionals across many sectors came together to live a day in the life of a financially underserved individual. We will discuss the unique approach and intentional combination of participants as a strategy to build empathy for and catalyze solutions to a societal problem with bottom line implications.

Andrew Johnston

Consultant, Financial Services, C Space


Theresa Schmall

Manager, Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI)

Staying Ahead of the Competition: Competitive Analysis for Product & Market Professionals

This session is designed for product managers, researchers, and business professionals who need to monitor the competitive landscape and maintain an accurate picture of the competitive battleground. In addition to understanding your current competitors (and their products), you must also have some hypotheses about where future competitive entrants will emerge. In this session, attendees will be guided through the various elements of robust competitive analysis, common approaches and frameworks and where and when to apply them for timely and accurate monitoring of competitive threats.

Susan Loconto Penta

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, MIDIOR Consulting

Managing Your Research From Plan to Real Life: Yes, Technology Helps

As researchers, we are constantly looking for ways to bring in technology to improve our project and product outcomes. In this case study, we will explore how embracing technology allowed for an agile approach to a challenging and complex research project. It also provided real clarity on client direction and deeper customer insights.


Joan Seamster

Partner, McConchie & Seamster


Deborah McConchie

Partner, McConchie & Seamster


Garnette Weber

Co-Founder, itracks

Diving for Pearls: How many ideas should you expect in a sample of open text responses?

We will look at verbatims coded by different market researchers across multiple surveys to measure how many ideas are identifi ed versus sample size. We explore how well two curves from linguistics apply to coded concepts as possible marks for planning sample size before research and analyzing results. In a short exercise, attendees will review and independently code a small sample of verbatim responses. We will then interactively compile the responses to highlight practical aspects of verbatim coding.

Pieter Sheth-Voss, Ph.D

Founder, Protobi

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